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Meet the Board Officers

President - Trish Robinson

Trish and her husband, Steve, have been part of MADSOG since their prenatal diagnosis.  They were empty nesters when the surprise blessing of Joseph came to be in December 2018. Their daughters; Jordynn and Jaycee, both got married in the summer of 2020. Trish has embraced the Down syndrome community and is active both locally and nationally.  She also serves as the Social Media Director for Down syndrome Diagnosis Network. Though she is now a stay at home mom, she is a Travel Advisor who helps families with special needs children and adults have the best vacation possible.

Treasurer  - Laurie Helms

Laurie is one of the founding members of this group and has been a board member and/or officer since 2003. She was a laboratory technician and decided to become a full time homemaker/mom when her son was born. Her daughter, Annie, is eighteen years old and has Down syndrome. This group has been a great source of information, encouragement and fellowship for her family and many others in the

tri-county area.  

Vice President  - Ashley Garrison

Ashley has been a board member and Vice President of MADSOG since 2019. She is also involved with Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network as a moderator of the DSDN Military Families page since 2021. Her husband, Health, serves our country as an Air Force pilot. She was a registered nurse, until becoming a stay at home mom when their daughter, Zoe, was born. Their son, Leif, was born in 2017.  He had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. They are also expecting another son in 2021. 
They are so grateful that Leif has introduced them to this wonderful community. MADSOG has been so helpful with navigating raising a child with Down syndrome in the River Region.

Secretary. - Jeanine Kirk

Jeanine has been involved with MADSOG from inception. She has served on the board as president and as a member. Her interest in MADSOG is personal in that her oldest son, Andrew, was born with DS and professional in that she has provided physical therapy for many children with DS. Her favorite book is Angel Behind the Rocking Chair as it helped her grow spiritually after Andrew’s birth. She enjoys spending time at the lake with Andrew, her other son, Ryan and husband, Gary.  She appreciates the fellowship and sharing of knowledge and ideas that MADSOG provides. 

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