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Mission Statement:  

The mission of the Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group is:


  • To help all individuals with Down Syndrome reach their full potential by providing family support, education and social opportunities

  • To provide new or expectant parents with Down Syndrome information and support

  • To increase awareness of people with Down Syndrome through special events such as an annual Buddy Walk

  • To advocate for quality of life for individuals with Down Syndrome

  • To provide opportunities for families of individuals with Down Syndrome to encourage one another and share information


Vision Statement: 

The Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group envisions all people with Down Syndrome will be afforded the same life opportunities to empower them to reach their full potential and become respected members of their community through increasing public awareness and understanding of Down Syndrome.


Value Statement:

The Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group values that people with Down Syndrome:


  • Are respected for their rights, abilities and potential

  • Are people first, and not categorized by the condition

  • Are afforded the opportunity to live inclusive lifestyles

  • Have the freedom to make informed choices and be provided the assistance to enable them control over their own lives

  • Are lifelong learners

  • Are treated with respect and acceptance



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